About HTA

Jaromír PytlíkThe project Hockey Talent Academy, focusing on teaching hockey skills, was established in 2006 by Jaromír Pytlik (*15.03.1973). It is not only using the newest technological methods and trends for training but also looking at habits of movement throughout all categories which it then seeks to improve by means of a targeted program. Professional players from the highest European leagues, including players with experience from NHL, have been through the training programme but mostly it focuses on young talented players with potential.

The Hockey Talent Academy offers a specialized training programme targeted towards a player‘s development between the age of 5 to 14 years no matter what team he or she plays for. It creates for them optimal conditions for further development, organizes for them targeted lessons for all hockey skills, and provides multi-day training camps, games and tournaments. The project pursues through testing the design of an individual training plan in respect of specific skills, fitness, tactics and the wider development of a player‘s personality. A part of the program is advisory work in nutrition, training equipment recommendations and health care. During the past 10 years over 7000 players have been through HTA in Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. Not only professional and trained coaches participated in our training but also former top players, many of whom went through NHL or European leagues.



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Czech Republic

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