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images nhlWhen you say NHL DRAFT, there is a spark of hope in the eyes of every player, and it is this phrase that is sacred to most players who want to get involved in the world's most watched league.
For many years, young players have been striving for something and suddenly the day will come when they will see how interesting an item they are for the best hockey league in the world - NHL. Being drafted into the NHL is very important for every player, as only a very small percentage of players who want it will succeed. That's why players around the world view the moment they make the DRAFT selection of an NHL team as a key and turning point in their careers. This moment is of great importance for the next career, but figuratively speaking, it is only an unlocking of an imaginary door they can only be opened by other hard work. Only a fraction of players will be able to play the NHL. Being drafted, playing the NHL and playing the NHL are completely different things to keep in mind. But let's see what the path led to the draft to the best hockey league in the world - the NHL, it is said that every fairy tale ends well, this one just begins ...


jp2008 detailJaromír's father ended fifteen years ago with an active hockey career and thinking about what he will do next. His wife teased him that he could not teach his son to skate. He built a playground in the garden and started skating with his son, who was 5.5 years old. After a short time, he came to his parent club Vajgar Jindřichův Hradec for recruitment. Jaromír junior did not go to kindergarten yet, but he learned hard and soon started competing in a mini hockey games of 2nd classes. They made a video of their first home trainings on the garden to see what could be improved. And because the father wanted more feedback, he uploaded it to YouTube. He didn´t know what interest this video would arouse. He received comments from overseas. People soon asked him if they could come and train with him. "At that time, it occurred to me for the first time that I could train not only my children, but also give the opportunity to other children, regardless of which club they play for," said the author of the HTA project Jaromír Pytlík senior for PRO HOCKEY magazine.


Furthermore, for PRO HOCKEY, Jaromír's father stated that in addition to classic training, he was thinking about how to improve players outside the club. According to him, the program in the club had certain limits, at which he did not want to stop. That is why Jaromír worked hard on his skills and his game not only in the KLH Vajgar Jindřichův Hradec club, but he did not miss any practise in the Hockey Talent Academy project, including many tournaments. He wanted to move on. At the age of 9, he played in old age for 3 years.


Even at the age of 11, Jaromír showed a very similar role in the game, he developed technically and physically, and it was obvious in his 3-year-old aging that he played. In addition to enjoying training immensely, he wanted to experience a sense of victory with the team. At that time, thanks to good leadership and team success in the AAA league, everyone built a name throughout the country. Players who were good in their clubs but wanted to move even further began to come to Hradec. At one time there were up to forty boys in the category. However, the greatest success did not become apparent until several years later. The vast majority of Jaromír's teammates prevailed. 10 of them even wore a jersey of national team.



At the age of 13, thanks to Martin Nečas, he moved to the SKLH Žďár nad Sázavou to the highest league - the midget extra-league. It was not easy to handle such a transition. From 150 points to 5, it's a real downhill run. Next year it was different, at the age of 15 he pulled the extra-league midget and jumped in the older U18 category. Žďár also won the extra league in the older category.


An important point for Jaromír was the chance in the senior category, which he got in SKLH Žďár nad Sázavou for the first time at the age of 15 years and 4 months, since then he has played regularly in the 3nd senior league and the very next season, at the age of 16, he played on alternating starts for the senior extra-league Vítkovice.


Another very difficult but key decision was to leave professional hockey, the Czech extra league, where Jaromír had a three-year contract signed, but he suspended it for one goal, he wanted to play more! He choosed the Canadian Hockey League – the best junior Hockey league of the world. He joined the first round picked players of the NHL draft and today the NHL players Morgan Frost (Philadelphia Flyers) and Baretta Hayton (Arizona Coyotes) from day to day. 

 We are very happy that after Martin Nečas another face of the HTA project Jaromír Pytlík was drafted to the best hockey league of the world - the NHL.

s Honzou MarkemWe regularly informed you through the project and videos about the journey of a boy from the tiny village of Jaromír Pytlík to his hockey dream, to be selected to the best hockey league in the world, the overseas NHL. Together we followed the path that led to the dream goal, we worked hard, hoped and believed. This daring dream came true after 14 years of hard work, when Jaromír was chosen by the renowned club and Stanley Cup winner in 1995, 2000 and 2003 by the New Jersey Devils at the beginning of round 4. It is interesting that it was chosen by the club, in the history of which Czech hockey icons such as Patrik Eliáš, Marek Židlický, Petr Sýkora, Bobby Holík, Jaromír Jágr and others have left a significant mark.JP VIT 2

Eight Czech hockey players went through the postponed NHL draft, ie one more than last year. Jaromír was the second highest drafted Czech player. Jaromír Pytlík got from the youth team of Vajgar in Jindřichův Hradec to the midget and junior extra league in Žďár nad Sázavou and then to men's hockey through the 2nd league in Žďár nad Sázavou, he played the men's extra league in Vítkovice and spent the last season and a half in Sault Ste. Marie. He collected 77 points (37 + 40) in 93 matches at the OHL. He went through practically all Czech youth national teams, he passed two U18 and U20 world championships. During the summer, he regularly prepares with a professional group in our program.

How did the NHL DRAFT go this year?

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus situation, Jaromír and his family did not fly overseas as planned, but DRAFT was held ON-LINE for the first time in history.

"We watched the broadcast with my family in the living room, my grandfather and grandmother came over, I was quite nervous, as soon as my phone started beeping, I knew my dream had come true, congratulations came to me, they called me from the club and in 10 minutes I had my first interview for the New Jersey Devils. You don't have much time to think about it. I'm glad it worked out, it was a dream goal for me. It's just the beginning, I have a lot of work to do.“

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What congratulations do you value the most and made you happy?

"So of course I'm happy with all, it will please you, family, members, fans, but if I still have to choose to pick up from Patrika Eliáš, he is a legend in the NJD club, he played over 1200 matches there, coached me in the national team, then wrote me Pavel Zacha, who is now playing there, will see you on camps. I look forward to."

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